January News

Dear Soapers, we are sorry for the delay with this dev blog. We have been way too busy in the late times due to the amount of work our new project is demanding! What we have done: Continued the development of our next game. Check our Social Networks for more info. What we are doing:[…]

December News

Hello guys, ELEMENTS QUEST IS OUT! Download it from your favorite store and let us know what your opinion is! We have learned a lot in the past year and we think we are ready for the big adventure, so we just started the next game and, believe me, this is HUGE! What we have[…]

Elements Quest is out!

Hello everybody, extra exciting news over here! Our third game is ready and out! We have been writing you about it for a while, but with few details. How about you give it a try? The game can as always be found under the section “Games” in case you want to review anything else again![…]

November News

Hello guys, We have been working around Elements Quest! Our next game! We are planning to release it in December. Stay tuned! What we have done: Worked on Elements Quest first Release! We are eager to hear your oppinion Started pondering about our next project. We will give you details very soon What we are[…]

October News

Hello guys, We worked pretty hard on bringing Epic Knight Run to all the other platforms; iOS and Amazon, and we are almost ready! We are quite far in the development of Elements Quest, only a bit more and we will be ready with our third game! Yay! What we have done: Released an update[…]

September news

Hello guys, We did it! Fish Rain is now available on the store for all iOS devices! And it’s doing pretty well. Ideas don’t stop coming in and out our minds and we already started developing our next game What we have done: We released Fish Rain on iTunes for iOS We released Fish Rain[…]

Fish Rain released on Amazon Underground!

Great great news! Fish Rain is now available for Amazon Underground! When we were at the Devcom, we met with some guys from Amazon, who told us about the great platform they offer for gaming. We thought it would be a good idea, integrating this platform in all our products! So, from now on, all[…]

August news

Hello guys, Fish Rain 2.0 has been released! After a complete rework and many performance changes, the new Fish Rain is now ready. We have also been working in our third game and a tiny patch has been released for Epic Knight Run. What we have done: We released Fish Rain 2.0. Get it on[…]

Fish Rain 2.0 has been released!

  Horaaaay! We are finally done! After many months thinking about what we could do with our little first baby we came up to the idea of transforming it into a Pixel art game! Many performance changes have also been implemented such as better audio compression rates and a lot of new awesomeness! The new[…]