Epic Knight Run Released!

It has finally come! Epic Knight Run is here! After more than 7 months of hard work we are finally done with the first functional version of it!

The game was intended to be an intermediate game between Fish Rain and a rather complexer game. Nonetheless, we changed our mind on the way and decided to make out of it a bigger game, with many more features than what we originally planned.

Epic Knight Run is an adventure game where you have to get through a huge dungeon overcoming distinct challenges. It comes with loads of fun features such as a skill tree, a shop for buying skins and power ups, a dressing room where you can change your clothes every now and then, and an infinite challenging level! We also included a few surprises you might find in your way through the dungeon! 🙂

It is available for Android devices with 4.2 version and above. You can get it from the official store by clicking on the following icon:

Get it on Google Play

Additional information might be found bellow the “our games” section of our page.

May the Soap be with you!

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